Jill Fry Arts - Painting Quilts Workshops and more
New Art collection for 2015
On view 13th June to 19th July at the Five Arrows Gallery, Exbury Gardens, Hampshire. 

 Artists Statement

Having grown up in the New Forest near the sea I have always been close to nature. It has touched my heart.

‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett has become very real to me.

I have lived and breathed Exbury Gardens and Lepe  beach over the past three or so years.

Traveling from one to the other,  drawing my inspiration and creating paintings, textiles and drawings of beautiful things to give a humble expression of the true reality of life itself.

I hope you personally enjoy my journey and that it touches your hearts also.

I wish you well
  Jill Fry, May 2015


Recovery Exhibition
- A Personal Journey - Previous from Autumn  2009
 Held at Hanger Farm Arts Centre, Totton, near Southampton, Hants.
An Exhibition by Jill Fry
"This exhibition is a record of the past two years of a personal journey towards recovery in paintings, quilts and words.  I invite you to share it.  I do not wish to find my identity in a man made label.  My aim is to encourage others who have suffered but not to change them myself.  Welcome to Recovery. See for yourself."
'Recovery' Gallery Samples
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